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Car Title Loans FAQ

Q. How long does it take to get cash with a title loan?

A. Once you complete our online form and we connect you with a licensed title loan vendor, the process takes very little time. In fact, most individuals have no problem getting same day cash.


Q. What is the advantage of using your website to find a title loan?

A. The main advantages are convenience and piece of mind. We take the guesswork out of finding a title loan location near you, and we only connect you with providers who are licensed.


Q. I’ve had credit issues in the past - is my credit score going to be an issue?

A. One of the primary reasons people use title loans as a source of emergency cash is the fact that nearly any credit is welcome.


Q. What can I use my title loan cash for?

A. That is entirely up to you. The cash from your title loan can be used in any way you choose.


Q. I am self-employed. Will getting a title loan be an issue for me?

A. It shouldn’t be a problem at all. Simply provide your licensed provider with proof of your income and you should be good to go.


Q. How do I find a licensed vendor near me?

A. You can leave that part to us. There are over 500 licensed vendor locations throughout the country. We automatically connect you with your nearest vendor based on the zip code you provide us with.


Q. Do I need to turn over my car in order to receive a title loan?

A. The licensed vendors we connect you with allow their customers to keep and drive their vehicles while making payments on their title loans.


Q. What are the required items I will need to get a title loan?

A. All you will need to bring to the licensed vendor is a valid state-issued photo ID, your vehicle, proof of your income and the clear title to your vehicle.


Q: What states do you currently accept title loan inquiries from?

A: We accept inquiries from all states, with the exception of West Virginia, New York, Maryland and Washington DC.


Q: Am I able to apply online using your website?

A: The form on our site is not an application. It is an online form to provide us with your basic information in order to connect you with a licensed vendor.